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Young Women's Leadership Academy excited for school's expansion

Midland ISD recently approved for the expansion of the Young Women's Leadership Academy to now include the 9th grade.

MIDLAND, Texas — The Young Women's Leadership Academy is a school within Midland ISD that teaches their students how to become the future leaders of America.

After opening in 2019, this all-girl school for grades 6th-8th is now going to be expanding to grade nine. This comes after the Midland ISD School Board met on March 25 and voted to approve the expansion.

"This year we have sixth, seventh and eighth graders and we are adding high school next year. We originally had 140 girls join us last year, we have 300 this year and we'll have 400 next year," Principal Jennifer Seybert said.

This unique academy allows girls to thrive and become successful early on. 

Eighth grader Geneva Cansler loves the school since becoming a student. "I just love how all the teachers are just willing to help you and the tutorials and everything, so you can always see them if you need help and I love how everyone is so engaged at the school."

Cansler wants to be a dermatological nurse when she grows up and YWLA is helping her get there.  

"We have so many different opportunities at this school that I'm pretty sure would be pretty hard to get anywhere else," Cansler said.

She is even more ecstatic that she doesn't have to leave just yet.

"I love that we're getting our own building next year for high school, I'm really excited about that."

Principal Seybert says at YWLA a certain standard is being set here.

"It's just this expectation of excellence and so I'm bringing the girls together, there's something about empowering them and having them all together," Seybert said.

The school does have an application process to become a student for anyone that wants to join this group of 'game changers'.

"I really would just like to say to all the girls that would like to come to the school is that this will honestly be the best decision of your life," Cansler said.