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Threats against schools in North Texas: 14 total arrests made so far

Police were able to determine that the majority of the alleged threats were not credible.

DALLAS — Fourteen students across North Texas have been arrested - including 10 arrested on Friday alone - after a flurry of alleged threats prompted panic and school closures this week.

Some of those students, some of whom are just in middle school, now face felony charges as a result. 

The alleged threats came in to schools across North Texas. 

While police were able to determine that the majority of the alleged threats were not credible, more than one of those apparent "hoaxes" prompted school officials to close campuses while police investigated.

Here is what we know:

Arlington ISD

Arlington police arrested a middle school student on Tuesday and charged them with making a terroristic threat, police said Thursday.

Police determined it was not a legitimate threat and he didn't intend to act on it. The threat did not lead to any school closures, Arlington police said.

Frisco ISD

On Dec. 17, police announced that seven students were arrested in connection to threats made against the school district, including Lone Star High School.

Some of them were just middle school students who "are learning a painful lesson at too young of an age." 

Lewisville ISD

On Monday, a juvenile was arrested in connection to a "hoax threat" sent to Marcus High School in Lewisville ISD.

Flower Mound police arrested the student who is accused of making a hoax threat against Marcus High School, which was sent to the district on Dec. 9. A similar threat was made against Flower Mound High School and police say additional charges could be pending. No credible threat was found regarding either school, police said.

Then, on Friday, police arrested another three students in connection to those same threats. 

One student is charged with four counts of misdemeanor terroristic threat for allegedly creating and spreading the threat on Snapchat, police said. The other two are each charged with one count of felony terroristic threat because they "knew those threats were false but continued to spread them using the Snapchat app." 

None of these threats were ever deemed credible, police said.

Rockwall ISD

Rockwall police arrested a male high school student at his home Friday for making a terroristic threat – a third-degree felony.

The Rockwall Police Department said it became aware of threats to Rockwall High School around 11:30 p.m. Thursday. The threats involved texting photo of simulated firearms/Airsoft guns and threats of shooting at the school, the department said.

Police said at no point during its investigation were any students in danger.

Warning to parents

Several law enforcement agencies are urging parents to check their kids’ social media accounts and are warning of consequences if students create “hoax threats.”

The FBI Dallas office is also assisting local law enforcement in these cases.

FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich says his office doesn’t want to see a young person start out adulthood with a felony record over an impulsive social media post. 

"It’s not a joke," he warned. "Always think before you post.”

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