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OHS teachers work to make dance classes virtual

Odessa High School dance teachers are coming up with creative lessons that will keep their students moving.

ODESSA, Texas — The doors of schools may be closed but the learning hasn't stopped. 

Teachers have been working to move their lessons online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Math, science and English are all classes that can traditionally be taught online, but now even teachers of P.E. courses, like high school dance, are having to get creative. 

While students are at home, making sure they continue to move and stay active is important. Teachers like Kristina Rios, one of the three Odessa High School dance teachers, are coming up with lessons that will keep students moving. 

"Eventually we want to tell them like we want you to take at least three to five classes a week and then write something about it," said Rios. "It's not set in stone but we're planning on trying to keep the kids actively dancing and logging it so we can know what they're doing, and also so that they're moving around and at least trying to have fun with it."

The key is for the lessons to be engaging. 

Right now they've only planned lessons a week in advance but they have talked about having students critique dance videos online, as well as having their students take classes from studios that are offering online classes. 

They've also discussed using a popular app. 

"Tik Tok is a big thing so we're going to see how we can get Tik Tok involved and see how we can get them excited about moving around and learning new dances even though they're at home," said Rios.

The plans are still a work in progress but the virtual lessons will keep students moving. 


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