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MISD superintendent ready for challenges the district brings

Dr. Angelica Ramsey is excited to be back in Texas and has a plan to help improve MISD academically.

MIDLAND, Texas — New direction and new leadership-MISD officially voted in Dr. Angelica Ramsey as the new superintendent. She knows that there is a lot of work to be done, but she is ready for the challenge.

The big issue is finding a way to improve the district academically. From helping students catch up after the COVID slide to making sure that students who remain online are able to succeed academically, Dr. Ramsey is ready to see students and schools succeed.

Dr. Ramsey said she wants to create two-way communication between herself and the entire MISD community.

"I’d like to have a student advisory, a teacher advisory, a parent advisory, and then a community advisory that I would meet with at least about five times a year if not more so that I can hear their feedback, and then we can just get to know each other and work together," Dr. Ramsey said.

In order to help students catch back up after falling behind due to COVID-19, Dr. Ramsey wants each student to be assessed a benchmark at the start of next year to see where they're at currently.

"We’re going to have to start the school year next year with some benchmarks, some quick assessment so we can know where our students are and then provide professional development support for teachers so that we can help our students," Dr. Ramsey said.

Even more important is meeting with struggling students individually.

"I think the data will tell us who needs what, but it’s really individualization. It’s meeting every student where they’re at, meeting every teacher where they're at providing the support so that our students can be successful," Dr. Ramsey said.

She knows that student success won't happen with her work alone. She said that it's going to take everyone in the district to get MISD back on track.

"I’m just really excited to meet everyone and to work together to improve our schools. We cannot do it if we don’t do it together," Dr. Ramsey said.