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MISD provides virtual learning experience

Over 3,000 students have signed up for the Online Academy which will provide a fully virtual education.

MIDLAND, Texas — MISD is set to begin classes on August 19.

The first four weeks will be online for all students, but some students will be online longer.

The Online Academy is a fully virtual learning experience for those students who don't feel comfortable returning to in-person classes once the district decides that students can return to campus.

MIDLAND ISD ONLINE ACADEMY Midland ISD Online Academy is designed for the family who is looking for a long-term virtual learning environment for their child. The family has the option to exit the online academy and return to On-Campus instruction every six weeks, the end of each grading period.

"If a parent has selected the Online Academy on their campus, then they will be able to stay remote beyond the four weeks. Then parents have the option to stay online for the length of the entire semester, year or go back to on-campus at the end of six weeks," MISD Chief Transformation Officer, Elise Kail said.

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Students who commit to either in-person classes or the Online Academy don't have to remain in the learning format for the entire year. 

Families will have the option to move from the Online Academy to in-person classes and vice-versa after each six week grading period.

"We will open up basically a kind of internal transfer window for parents to go from the Online Academy to on-campus or on-campus to Online Academy, and we'll open up that window the fourth week of each six weeks and they’ll have two weeks to make their decision," Kail said.

The district said this type of learning will be far different from last spring's online learning environment.

"We were doing everything we could just to keep kids connected with the school and try to create enrichment opportunities. We're now being much more intentional as the rest of the state and all public school districts of having an intentional curriculum designed and ready for each student," Kail said.

With the Online Academy, MISD wants to focus on teachers building relationships with their students.

"The first thing we'll be doing is having the teachers connect with the students, and so that’ll be a big part not only of that face-to-face but also of online learning," Kail said.

Visit our COVID-19 page for regular updates on how the pandemic is impacting our school district. This includes news, resources, tips and support to guide you and your family through this time.

Families interested in the Online Academy will have to contact their individual school on how to register. They may have to wait to enroll their student in the Online Academy until the second six-week grading period.

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