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MISD on track to install RO systems in every school in the district

"Whenever we have to do maintenance on a building we work to schedule that at times when it's going to be minimally disruptive to learning," Elana Ladd said.

MIDLAND, Texas — In nearly 2 weeks, the MISD school board is set to approve over 1.5 million dollars for brand new RO systems in their schools.

"Let's take care of it now while we can and let's plan ahead to take care of the secondary schools as well," Elana Ladd, MISD chief communications officer said. 

The district started installing these systems in some of the elementary schools back in 2012.

Now, they have the funding to take care of all the schools in the district.

"We know Midland water is perfectly safe to drink, but sometimes the taste just isn't the most appealing and so this RO system is something that can help take care of that," Ladd said. 

Not only this, but MISD staff say it will help kids establish the habit of picking water over sugary drinks.

And the community has been pushing this pipeline for a while now.

"Kids know that that is there, parents are able to send them with a water bottle and it's important to stay healthy and hydrated, especially out here with the climate we have," Ladd said. 

Now all that's left is the budget approval later this month.

And the installation starting at the remaining elementary schools in August or September.

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