MIDLAND, Texas — Teachers get sick too, and we all know who replaces them when they aren't able to make it to the classroom.. substitutes. 

Currently, Midland ISD needs a lot more of them.

"School districts don't run if you don't have qualified substitutes," said Woodrow Bailey, Chief of Human Capital Management. 

Staffing program ESS says they're currently sitting at about 450 subs, but MISD needs around a thousand to function the way they'd like to.

"One of the unfortunate issues right now is that there's just not enough workforce in the local area to basically take care of all of the needs in the school district. That goes as well as other companies,"  said Bailey.

"I walked into a restaurant the other day and they had to shut down the restaurant because there just wasn't enough waiters. So with the 2% unemployment rate, that is where we really get our subs from," said Bailey.

Bailey says it's been an issue for years, but after partnering with ESS those numbers are going up.

"We brought in ESS to help focus every day on substitutes and to manage our substitute program for the school district. I mean, years have passed and before, we actually averaged about 250 up to 300 subs in our active pool that were available for day-to-day jobs," said Bailey.

"That number right now is at 450. So yes we have a need but we have a lot more subs under their management this year, than we've had in previous years."

Although the effort and numbers are improving, ideally they still need double the amount.

"One of the greatest benefits of being a substitute is being able to work alongside a teacher that is making a difference every day with students. A substitute is more than just a fill in, they are partnering with the teachers so that teacher can take care of their every day needs like every other person that works a regular job."

"We know that teaching is a calling,so being able to provide them that support so they can go to the doctor and take care of their children and their family.. really does boost the morale for teachers across the district," said Bailey.

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