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MISD moving to two-week intersession calendar

No—this does not mean school will be year-round. Students will now have 8 more days in the classroom and those who need it will have 5-10 days on top of that.

MIDLAND, Texas — Changes are coming to the Midland Independent School District’s calendar. 

Monday night the MISD school board approved a two-week intersession calendar for the 2021-22 school year.  

No—that does not mean school will be year-round. It just means students will now have 8 more days in the classroom and those who need it will have 5-10 days on top of that.

“Intersession provides an opportunity for the district to remediate and provide targeted instruction to those who need it the most based on the data that we have," Kellie Spencer, MISD Chief Operating Officer, said. 

This means there will be one week each semester for students who are falling behind to have additional time with their teacher.  

According to MISD’s data from state testing, there are thousands of students in the district who need additional time in the classroom.  

“Many of the students in MISD are struggling and we anticipate 1,600 students K-6 will need remediated reading instruction during the 2021-22 school year," Spencer said. “Research tells us that the number one factor for academic success is their teacher. So why would we not give them as many face-to-face opportunities as possible in order to receive that benefit?” 

As for those who do not need the intercession, it will be an additional week-long break each semester, which could also incentivize students to do well.  

If child care is a worry, students who do not need intersession will still be able to go to school for the week. 

“These intersession weeks are essentially optional instructional weeks, however those that are struggling will need to be in attendance," Spencer said. "Each parent will be notified early enough to plan for their students to be in attendance” 

Really there are not a whole lot of changes here other than starting the school year early. 

Here are some important dates to note: 

First day of school Aug. 2

Intersession week (Oct. 18-22 and Feb.7-11)

One week off for Thanksgiving (Nov. 22 – 26)

Two weeks off for winter break (Dec. 20 – Jan 4) 

One week off for spring break (March 7-11) 

Last day of school May 27

Anyone who has questions about the calendar is asked to email kellie.spencer@misd.net