It may have looked like a party outside of Lee High School on August 8 with hundreds of cars, food trucks and a DJ but don't be fooled. Indoors held an abundance of learning.

“There’s over 550 sessions teachers can choose from on topics ranging from English to math, to science, to classroom management," said Elana Ladd, Chief Communications officer for Midland Independent School District.

It’s called Elevate and could be described as a huge blowout conference set to recharge MISD teachers for the new school year.

“24 years in I’m learning every single day," said fourth grade MISD teacher Mrs. Murry.

Mrs. Murry says it’s their second annual event that has helped spark teacher’s motivation for the new year, as well as hers.

“We’ve had amazing participants in our classrooms; lots of questions; lots of cooperative-basically everyone talking and coming up with ideas. It’s been wonderful I haven’t seen any bad attitudes anywhere," said Murry.

So what is Murry bringing to the table?

“I am teaching, 'Attacking Math Word Problems'. A very important skill that I think will improve math scores across the district, as well as creating problem solvers," she said.

But imagine hundreds of other instructors teaching their own specialty to others as well.

"With my sessions that I’m dealing with, it’s mostly in our area concerning diagnostics for testing kiddos and identifying kiddos that need special education services," said Mr. Camssey, MISD Special services art facilitator. 

“The instructor talked about breathing techniques and different types of exercises to do, that we can incorporate even five minutes in the day. Five minutes here and there to let the kids take a break or to have an opportunity to sit back and take a deep breath," said second grade MISD teacher Mrs. Klattenhoff.

MISD will begin their new school year on August 14.