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Midland ISD prepares to bring students back to the classroom

Students in this district start on August 2.

MIDLAND, Texas — It's almost August, which means children are getting ready to go back to school, and this time it will be in person.

Elana Ladd, Chief Communications Officer for Midland ISD, says that teachers are excited to start the school year inside the classroom.

"They have been getting their classrooms ready. They been training on different instructional techniques and systems. Our staff, our teachers, all of our campus staff is just really ready to get kids back on campus," said Ladd.

Ladd says test scores showed a big difference when comparing the years where students were in the classroom and at home. 

"If you look at STAAR scores from this year vs back in 2019 across the state you saw a drop in scores that is largely attributed to COVID and all the impacts from that," said Ladd.

MISD explains that many factors go into making the decision of bringing back students to the classroom and offering virtual learning. 

"Of course each district has to look at their funding structure. The state is only funding for those who are in person in school. With that said, there may be other schools districts out there like us that have decided it is still important to offer a virtual option for some students," Ladd said. 

The only virtual option for MISD is for students 9th through 12th grade. Students wishing to enroll would have to apply to Coleman Online Academy.  

The first day of school for MISD is  August 2. For students in ECISD students school will start back up the following week.