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MISD starts new program to help their most at-risk families

The Family Support Center will contact non-profits across Midland to help these families receive essential items.
Credit: Midland Independent School District

MIDLAND, Texas — Midland ISD has started a new program called the Family Support Center. The goal of the new center is to provide the district's most deprived families with as much support as possible from the Midland community. 

According to the MISD press release, the school district will be receiving help from non-profits in Midland to provide these families with clothes, food, legal aid and other essential services. 

"This will be a one-stop shop for families needing assistance," said Student Services Director Jill McCall. "We won't need to point them to a variety of different agencies; we'll be able to give families all the resources they need in one place."

Families involved with the center will be given a welcome pack containing various items like soap, shampoo and towels. 

"We saw the need to bring all of these resources together. Families experiencing crisis already have enough on their plates without going to multiple different agencies. Let's provide what they need right here," McCall Said. 

The center has already helped out over 50 families according to the press release and plan to create a central office soon for hospitality purposes. 

"Our families are high-stress when they arrive, so we want to make them as comfortable as possible," McCall said. "Thanks to the generosity of the Warren Charitable Foundation, United Way and others, we're creating an area for children with books, puzzles, games, and space for art work. We are so thankful for the support the community has shown us." 

The grand opening for the center will start later this year and if your family is interested in getting in contact with the Family Support Center, call             432-240-1520. 

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