MIDLAND, Texas — Midland College has been ranked among the safest public and private campuses in the state of Texas, coming in at number eight. 

The rankings include schools with a total enrollment of at least 5,000 students. 

Top 10 safest college campuses in Texas infographic

The study, conducted by YourLocalSecurity, took into consideration several factors, including hate crimes per students enrolled, and violent crimes per population. 

These factored in on the safety rating of the campus, something MC executive director said they take very seriously. 

“There are many things to consider when choosing a college and campus safety is one factor that should be evaluated,” Rebecca Bell said, "with the local community making safety a priority so that students can focus on enjoying all that MC has to offer." 

Officials with the college say campus safety has been a key are of focus for some time now. 

The improvements in equipment, training and operation have been spearheaded by MC Police Chief Richard McKee, who said there are multiple areas he's focused on to up safety at the campus. 

  • A well-trained and professional police department.
  • • An investment in technology needed to quickly alert the campus of an emergency (RAVE text
  • messaging service and BRG on campus alert system).
  • • Main campus electronic locks that will allow campus police to quickly lock down the campus.
  • • The installation of panic buttons in selected areas.
  • • Ongoing emergency response training of faculty, staff and students.

“Our goal is to ensure that students, faculty and staff feel safe on campus,” Chief McKee said.