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MISD releases statement after Legacy Freshman High School put on 'Hold Status'

According to campus police, a medical incident involving a student led to the campus being put on hold.
Credit: Midland ISD

MIDLAND, Texas — Legacy Freshman High School was put on 'Hold Status' earlier this morning, initially reported as being due to a medical incident involving a student. 

District employees later clarified that the hold was caused by a medical incident involving an adult at the school.

Multiple viewers reached out to NewsWest 9 saying the school might be in a lockdown. There was also speculation about a fight at the school or that a weapon was found on campus.

However, after talking to MISD, campus police confirmed that the campus was never put on lockdown and just put on hold. 

At around 1:45 p.m., Midland ISD released the following statement clarifying the reason for the hold as well as all of the other rumors going around:

Several incidents happened this morning at Legacy Freshman High School.

A fight in the girls’ restroom occurred, and resource officers responded immediately. Following this, LFHS went into “hold” status for approximately 20 minutes for a separate adult medical situation. “Hold” is part of Midland ISD’s Standard Response Protocol, and it instructs students and staff to clear the hallways and remain in their room or area until an “all clear” is announced. Instruction goes on as usual.

Additionally, a student pulled the fire alarm, but there was no fire. The student was identified and will be facing charges. While it is important to take action in a real fire, making a false report takes first responders away from other critical life-saving situations.

Finally, MISD Police investigated reports of a gun on campus. No gun was located. We thank the individuals who shared their concern so this could be investigated.

The campus resumed normal operations by 11 a.m.

Student safety is of the utmost importance to Midland ISD, and we commend our district police, campus staff and district administration for their swift response to and handling of today’s incidents at Legacy Freshman. 

We have reached out to MISD to clarify whether or not the medical incident initially reported as the cause of the hold is related to the fight or not. This story will be updated as more information is released.

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