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Tips for high school seniors looking to apply for scholarships

Seniors are encouraged to apply early and often for scholarships.

ODESSA, Texas — With the end of the high school year fast approaching, it may be time for seniors to start thinking of colleges and scholarships they want to apply for.

There are many things to think of and remember when students are applying for scholarships to schools around the Permian Basin.

The first step, according to Odessa College Financial Aid and Scholarship Coordinator Argelia Reyes, is to complete a financial aid application. 

"We do look into if you filled out a financial aid application," Reyes said. "That is highly encouraged because that will let us know that, if they're receiving federal aid or state aid, maybe we can use our foundation money for another deserving student as well that's not getting any type of assistance." 

Once this step is completed, students are encouraged to apply early and often for as many scholarships as they can, whether with a college or an outside organization.

"Once you're done with your financial aid application, go ahead and apply for as many scholarship applications. Not only from the college that you're going to be attending, but for example the Permian Basin Area Association Foundation," Reyes said. "So just apply for many scholarships, as many as you can, but verify that they are legit associations or legit websites before putting your social security number in."

She also recommends first time college students reach out to an advisor for help on which scholarships to pursue.

"I do recommend as a first time college student, if you have any questions about your scholarships, or the scholarship application, please come and ask me," Reyes said. "I am here to assist you, I am here to try and answer all of your questions and if I can't get that answer, then we can try to figure out who can help us."

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