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ECISD Board of Trustees discuss turnaround plans for a few of its schools

Burnet Elementary, Bowie Middle School, and Bonham Middle School are looking to take action to fix their school's low academic performances.

ODESSA, Texas — The ECISD Board of Trustees discussed their future plans with struggling schools in the district.

These schools included Burnet Elementary School, Bowie Middle School and Bonham Middle School. 

For Bonham Middle School, the Trustees heard an update about the school's turnaround efforts. 

For five straight years, Bonham received an "F" rating. They are looking for a turnaround partner to see an improve in the schools ratings. 

Due to COVID-19, the state did pause accountability ratings for the second year in a row. This allows Bonham to start its turnaround process now by implementing a few things including strategic staffing, expanded recruiting of experienced educators, additional days of professional development and instructional days, and summer learning. 

If you are selected to work at Bonham Elementary, you will receive additional financial incentives. 

However, if Bonham does receive another "F" rating, the school could potentially close. 

On top of Bonham, Burnet Elementary and Bowie Middle School are looking to improve their academic success through the School Action Fund Restart plan. This plan will turn into RISE programs for the 2021-2022 school year. 

RISE (Rapidly Improving School Effectiveness) programs look to implement success into high-needs campuses across Texas. 

Both Burnet and Bowie were identified for this program due to its low rating and declining academic performance. 

The program will provide these schools with additional learning time for reading and math instruction, tutoring and personalized academic support. 

The RISE model looks to staff educators with high-achieving experience and those who have demonstrated a track record of success. The staff will also receive significant financial incentives.