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Aaron Kinsey sworn in as newest member of Texas State Board of Education

The Midland man was sworn in by State Senator Kevin Sparks at Greenwood High School.

GREENWOOD, Texas — Aaron Kinsey was sworn into the Texas State Board of Education Friday at Greenwood High School by State Senator Kevin Sparks.

The swearing in ceremony was held in front of dozens of Greenwood students, who Kinsey gave a short speech to after the ceremony was complete.

Kinsey hopes to emphasize the West Texas Values that he said make both the country and the state of Texas great.

"Today I talked about West Texas values of integrity, patriotism and grit," Kinsey said. "So I think we got to focus our curriculum on those types of things, the positive aspects that make our country great, our state great and have made West Texas great and continue to do so."

Meanwhile, he hopes to deliver on a campaign promise that he heralded as one of his most important — fighting for parent's rights and making sure their voices are heard concerning their children's education.

"Upholding what I told parents I would do during the campaign, and that's fight for their kids and stand up for their rights," Kinsey said. "So I'm really hoping that we can reestablish parents as the ultimate right-holder of their children's education and the ultimate driver of that, that would be the number one thing."

Sparks gave his endorsement to Kinsey, saying that he will help better education in West Texas.

“Education is a critical component," Sparks said. "Probably the most critical component of what we do as adults is prepare and train that next generation that is going to run our state and our country, and ultimately take care of the rest of us when we get old."

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