MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Thousands of people are traveling to the Permian Basin for the International oil show, but it's not just people that in the oil and gas industry that are cashing in on the convention.

Craig Leoffer drives for Uber picking up riders all over Odessa and Midland.

This week he says he picked up people not just from Texas, but from around the world.

“It’s been oil show people coming in from Houston, Dallas, all over the world pretty much. I’ve got a few people from Norway and Sweden. I’ve had a guy from Australia just come in for the oil show,” said Leoffer.

The busiest hours have been early morning, dropping people off at the convention and later in the night.

“They have been going to the oil show, picked up for the oil show and going to parties,” Leoffer said.

He also says that his rides have doubled the past few days normally he picks up about 20 people on average per day, but just in the last 14-hours it’s been close to 50 riders

The more rides, the more money.