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What is the purpose of a grand jury?

With several indictments making headlines in west Texas recently, many are left to wonder what a grand jury's role is.

MIDLAND, Texas —

The arrests of employees and former employees at Midland Christian School and Trinity School made headlines recently, leaving many to wonder what a grand jury’s role is in indictments.

The state of Texas requires felony cases to be presented in front of a grand jury.

Their job is to decide whether or not there is enough evidence to charge someone with a crime.

They listen to the accusations and consider the evidence. They then decide if the prosecution has enough evidence to go forward on the case or not.

When it comes to presenting the evidence is where it can get a little complicated.

The prosecution has to get information from the police and make a case, which can take some time. These grand jury trials are also not public.

If the grand jury finds enough evidence to take the case to court, then that person will be indicted.

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