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New details arise after the death of a 34-year-old woman in Snyder

41-year-old Anthone Cobb has been booked into Scurry County Jail and charged with murder. An arrest affidavit obtained by NewsWest 9 show what happened on Sept. 7.

SCURRY COUNTY, Texas — New details in an arrest affidavit obtained by NewsWest 9 describe what happened between 41-year-old Anthone Cobb and 34-year-old Ashley Terrazas on Sept. 7.

According to the Scurry County Sheriff's Office, Snyder Police were flagged down at 2609 37th St. regarding a deceased female located inside a residence. The people that flagged down SPD resided in that residence.

Officers then entered the residence and found Terrazas, who Snyder Police later identified was Ashley Terrazas, dead with a gunshot wound to the head.

The arrest affidavit says that witnesses on scene indicated the boyfriend of the victim, Anthone Cobb, was responsible for her death due to previous threats made by Cobb to shoot Terrazas.

Witnesses told police that Anthone Cobb drove a maroon minivan and they also described the firearm used by the suspect, a black and gray HiPoint 380 caliber handgun.

Around 10:00 a.m. that same day, witnesses saw the maroon minivan leave the residence.

Then, witnesses provided footage of Anthone Cobb striking "a female" with a 380 semi-auto handgun, which, according to a photograph from a witness, showed Anthone Cobb with the same handgun in his lap and it was black and gray.

Anthone Cobb borrowed the minivan from his father, Tony Cobb, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and said Anthone was going to "Natasha's residence", which is where Terrazas' body was found.

Officers did a consensual search of the minivan and found the black and gray HiPoint 380 caliber handgun under the passenger's side front seat. The affidavit says that six 380-auto ball cartridges were loaded into the removable magazine.

Snyder Police also reviewed another part of the murder investigation.

That same morning, Anthone Cobb and two other witnesses were located in the area of a street in the 2900 block of Snyder.

One of the witnesses told police that Anthone Cobb occupied the black and gray handgun and the witness said the 41-year-old made statements about shooting Terrazas on previous dates. 

Another witness said they were picked up by Anthone in a maroon minivan around 10:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and he stated that his pistol was stolen.

They then drove to Ms. Kathy's restaurant and dropped off the minivan.

Then, the affidavit says, Anthone and the witness unloaded bicycles from the rear of the minivan and road them back to the residence.

On the way back to the residence, Anthone Cobb told the witness to send a text message to Terrazas' brother saying Ashley "was on the floor bleeding at 2609 37th street and someone needed to check on her".

Once they got to the residence, the witness stated that Anthone said he tried to pick up Terrazas from the floor and was "crying".

Anthone Cobb was interviewed by police and he confessed to borrowing his father's maroon minivan the same morning of the murder.

He remains booked in Scurry County Jail and charged with the murder of Ashley Terrazas.

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