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OPD and Texas Rangers arrest suspect from 2015 sexual assault

Javier Castillo-Arias was arrested and booked into the Potter County Jail Tuesday.

AMARILLO, Texas — Back in October 2015, the Odessa Police Department started an investigation into a sexual assault.

OPD facilitated a Sexual Assault Nurse Exam (S.A.N.E.) and gathered statements and evidence in reference to a 23-year-old woman who reported she had been sexually assaulted by an unknown man in Odessa.

A unknown DNA profile was obtained from the S.A.N.E. kit by DPS Crime Lab and entered into the Combined DNA Index System.

Later, the entry identified "CODIS Hit(s)", matched to other investigations in other investigations in other jurisdictions with the same unknown DNA profile.

Thanks to an OPD Cold Case Detective and the Texas Rangers, a lead was developed which led to the identification of Javier Castillo-Arias as the suspect. OPD obtained an arrest warrant for Castillo-Arias for sexual assault. 

On Tuesday, the Rangers and OPD coordinated the arrest of Castillo-Arias on the warrant and was booked into the Potter County Jail with the assistance of the Amarillo Police Department.

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