ODESSA, Texas — Love and broken hearts filled Odessa's Saint Elizabeth Catholic church.
But if there's one thing we know for certain about Leilah Hernandez, it's that she was loved by many.

"Before we take our leave, let us bless our loved one Leilah. We come in the power of our faith, in order to send her forth in the power of our love. And so what we do is, we embrace her, and in faith we send her to be embraced by the father. May our farewell express our affection for her and ease our sadness and strengthen our hope," said the priest.

Her life, cut short at just the age of 15, as she and her brother were shot while leaving a car dealership.

"She was just an innocent, innocent child some crazy man has taken from us. We're just hurting so bad right now," said Rafael Hernandez Leilah's Uncle.

She was the youngest victim shot and killed in a mass shooting that rocked the Permian basin.

Loved ones say, they'll always cherish her kindness and ability to light up the room.

"Her kindness. Just the happiness she spread to everyone. Even the people she didn't know, because that's how she was. And that's how she would want the world to be. She did not deserve that but it just happened," said Yasmine Natera, Leilahs' best friend.

She spent the last of her days as a sophomore athlete at Odessa high school, and regularly went to St. Mary's Catholic church with her family. 

To be honest, I don't know how we're going to get through it. It's a piece of our heart has been taken from us, I don't know if you can ever replace that," said Rafael. 

Gone, but never forgotten. Leilah will always be remembered by the Permian, for making us stronger and more united than ever.

"One day we shall joyfully greet her again before the blood of Christ which conquers all things even death itself," said the priest.