MIDLAND, Texas — Today Midland Christian came together to celebrate local law enforcement.

Normally the hometown heroes pep rally is at the end of the month, but after a tragic mass shooting, the school moved it to this week. 

They think law enforcement needs to be thanked now, more than ever.

Everyone from police, to state troopers, to sheriffs and firefighters from Odessa and Midland showed up.

"I think it means a lot that we can all come together and be centered around God and each other," Mitch McCann, Midland Christian senior, said. "We can love each other and come together in a tragedy.”

Terru-Lynne Lan, Midland Christian varsity and cheer choreographer, says making the pep rally possible was a team effort.

“We have student council, football, cheerleaders, campus ministry, I’ve really seen these kids come together," Lan said. "It’s just amazing, and it’s so good to see light over shadow the dark.”

The rally revolved around cheers, prayer and a whole lot of thanks.

"It gave me chills getting to honor and thank them in person, actually, it was a relief," McCann said.

Midland Police Chief, Seth Herman, shared a few words with the crowd.

“Every representative in law-enforcement and first responders, their goal is to stand between good and evil," Herman said. "They are able to save you and protect you.”

It was an afternoon that came with a purpose.

“I hope that these men and women are able to take a piece of this encouragement back to their stations and share it with the men and women they work with," Jared Lee, Midland Christian superintendent said. "They are doing good work in this community, and are making a difference.”

Law enforcement says the rally really did have a positive impact.

"Having the kids all shake our hands was amazing because you know it's about the community,"Jimmy Young, Midland Police Sargent, said. "The good guys are going to win, that's for sure."

After the rally, one thing is for sure, we are Permian Basin strong.