ODESSA, Texas — In the week after a mass shooting that targeted innocent people at random in Odessa, ECISD brought in additional counseling and coping resources to assist students.

The deadly rampage that left 7 dead, and dozens more injured

The administration's director of guidance counseling, Nancy Vanley, says the effort to provide assistance will be one that carries on for as long as it needs to.

"We're here and its not just today or tomorrow, this wont just be a one time event," said Vanley.

In an immediate response, Vanley says the district brought in 30 counselors from across Region 18 to disperse to its campuses.

On Wednesday that number had shrunk to more than a dozen counselors, but Vanley says staff is working to recruit more local counseling resources for the future.

They've also brought in therapy dogs, as well as comfort dogs.

Three comfort dogs spent time with students at OHS on September 4.

Comfort dog visits OHS
Lutheran Church Charities.

The comfort dogs are trained to be calm and gentle from the time they're puppies.

The dogs that visited on September 4 also spent time at other Odessa schools, and organizations.

The dogs traveled hundreds of miles to be here thanks to the Lutheran Church Charities in Illinois.