MIDLAND, Texas — Former Midland Police Officer Christian Abrahim has been found not guilty on charges of manslaughter and negligent homicide.

Roy Neely, 90, was struck by Abrahim on Christmas Eve in 2017.

According to the District Attorney, Abrahim was speeding and failed to turn on some of his emergency equipment.

MPD fired their colleague after the deadly car accident.

Abrahim was on trial starting May 6 and was found not guilty on May 10. during the trial the defense presented evidence that Abrahim's brakes had failed prior to the collision that killed Noy.

Abrahim's attorney, Trey Payne, celebrated by having dinner. Payne said the victory was a pretty big deal.

According to the attorney, Payne has an interview with the Lubbock Police Department and is looking forward to the potential job after his life changed so drastically.