MIDLAND, Texas — A child called the Midland Police Department on Friday, around 2:10 p.m., and told them someone had a gun and was hurting his grandfather near the intersection of Jax and Big Spring. 

Officers met with two young boys at that intersection who said their grandfather was struck in the head with a pistol by a man wearing a mask. 

The residence was cleared and police found the grandfather inside conscious and alert, with injuries to his head and his right hand. 

He told authorities that an unknown black man walked inside his home wearing a ski mask and all-black clothing. 

The man then brandished a pistol and demanded money before striking the grandfather in the head twice with the pistol and tasing him.

The grandfather said after the suspect tased him, he took money from the grandfather's pocket, grabbed cash and fleed the scene. 

No one was taken to the hospital, but police are still investigating the situation.

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