CONIFER, Colo. — The owner of a Conifer bed and breakfast is accused of shooting and wounding her husband during an argument early Sunday morning, according to an arrest affidavit from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

Marguerite Herb faces charges of attempted murder and assault in connection with the shooting that happened at the Arrowhead Bed and Breakfast.

Deputies responded to the business at 9284 Highway 285 shortly before 5 a.m. Sunday, the sheriff's office said.

Shortly after they announced their arrival, James Herb came out the business bleeding heavily from his right upper arm, the affidavit says. Marguerite Herb walked out a few minutes later unarmed and stated that James was "coming at me," according to the affidavit.

Marguerite Herb
Marguerite Herb
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

The couple got into an argument over Marguerite's desire to get a divorce, the affidavit says. During that argument, she told deputies that James squirted her with water from a spray bottle and became "increasingly aggressive" prompting her to go and get a revolver she kept under her mattress, the affidavit says.

She told deputies that "James was advancing toward her" and she stood and pointed the revolver "toward the wall in James' general direction" and then "fired at least two warning shots," the affidavit states. She told deputies she was "not trying to shoot James", but instead was acting in self-defense, the affidavit says.

When interviewed, James Herb told deputies the couple had been drinking and then got into an argument, the affidavit says. He said that his wife wanted to continue the argument, but he wanted to sleep and discuss the issues further in the morning, the affidavit says.

He went to the couch to try to sleep and Marguerite began spraying him with water from a squirt bottle, according to the affidavit. After he was sprayed for the fourth time, James told deputies he took the bottle and sprayed his wife, according to the affidavit. In response, James told deputies his wife shot him, the affidavit says.

James Herb was taken to the hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries.

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