Crews Break Ground On T-Bar Ranch Water Pipeline
Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Crews kicked off construction as they broke ground on a 76 mile water pipeline that will hopefully help solve Midland's water woes. The water is expected to be pumped in from the T-Bar Ranch in Winkler and Loving Counties and should beef up Midland's water supply for the next century.

The project consists of developing 45 water wells in Winkler County at the 22,000 acre T-bar Ranch. A collection system of piping will gather all the water from the wells and deliver it to a two million gallon storage tank and then the water will be pumped to Midland.

"It's one of the biggest projects Midland has ever done in it's history," City of Midland Mayor, Wes Perry, said.

The ground breaking was held on Thursday evening and construction is about to begin.

Pipelines were put on display for everyone to see and they'll eventually pump thousands and thousand gallons of water from the ranch in Winkler County to the Tall City.

"100 years from now, maybe 50 years from now, people would say, people who built this pipeline saved Midland, Texas, because I don't think we realize how critical we are right now in our water needs," Jose Cuervas, Midland County Fresh Water Supply District 1, said.

The pipes are about 48 inches in diameter. Another two million gallon storage tank will be built North of Highway 191 and FM 1788 where the water will fill the tank coming from the ranch and then provide to the city's distribution system. Folks attending the ceremony couldn't be any happier.

"I think it's a great idea because we're going to run out of water and we need water for the future of our kids," Midland Resident, Candi Pruitt, said.

"A lot of people understand the needs here in the community and we're excited to be able to produce this pipe and bring it out here," Hanson Pipe & Precast Marketing Director, Jeff Keldon, said.