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MIDLAND - There's no doubt that Wednesday's storms did a lot of damage and now we're learning just what kind of chaos it caused.

The City of Midland released a report on the number of emergencies they were called out to.

86 outages throughout the county left about 4,300 people in the dark.

Some of them could be linked to the 74 electric poles that were damaged during the storm.

First responders were called out to eight issues with utility poles and 19 fallen power lines.

Five trailers were also damaged but no one was hurt.

However, three people were taken to the hospital after one mobile home was hit by the storm.

A fence also caught fire at one point.

There were also reports of outages at cell towers.

Officials say that two of the city's wireless sites were disrupted by the storm.

There were 30 reports of submerged vehicles.

12 more were stalled or flooded out by the heavy rains.

Low water crossings were barricaded around the city for about a day.