Congressman Pays A Visit To Big Spring
by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - West Texans had a chance to voice their opinions on Tuesday about the issues they feel that are affecting this country. Congressman Neugebauer visited Big Spring and had a town hall meeting to hear what people had to say.

"It's very important I'm House Representative. They have chosen me, I'm the employee, they are the employer, I represent their values," congressman Randy Neugebauer, said.

That's why town hall meetings are being held across America. It's all part of 'America Speaking Out' an effort to increase dialogue between Americans and Congress.

"People are tired of talk, they want work in government. That's why they are going to choose working ones this November," Neugebauer said.

Some of the hot topics issues discussed were Border Patrol, the Gulf Oil Spill and energy. Many residents were just glad that they were able to voice their opinion.

"It was great, Rep. Neugebauer has the same ideas as us in West Texas," Big Spring Resident, Catherine Klein, said.

The Howard College Fine Arts Building was packed with people wanting answers or wanting to voice their opinions and for Neugebauer, that is exactly why he was here.

"People in West Texas are not bashful, I appreciate the people being very frank. They say what's on their mind and I appreciate that," Neugebauer said.