MIDLAND, Texas — The Midland County Horseshoe Arena hosted the third annual back-to-school, 'Family Fun Day' event Saturday.

"Where to start! We have petting zoos, bumper cars, a game trailer, train, it's just a really fun interactive day for families. We also have an interactive resource fair going on, jumpers, and face painters," said Misha Burleson, Boys and Girls Club Director of Operations.

On top of the fun, families also took full advantage of back-to-school hair cuts, eye exams, and thousands of backpacks filled with school supplies.

The best part? It was all for free.

"I came to volunteer to help cut as many kids as we can for the back-to-school program. The goal was to get them looking fresh at a free cost, absolutely no cost at all," said Edward Galan, Barber and hairstylist at Midland Crossover Men’s Fine Grooming.

Galan says he'll do just about anything to help out kids and give back to his community.

"Man that's the best feeling in the world. Like I could not ask for anything more. I've actually had people try to pay me and I'm like, 'No it's ok'," said Galan.

It's the hundreds of volunteers like Galan that made the back-to-school event possible.

"My favorite part about today is seeing the kid's faces, especially when they're leaving. Maybe not so much from the parents. But the screams of just how much they're enjoying their time here, has been super fulfilling for what we're all doing," said Burleson.