ODESSA, Texas — An Odessa mom and her son are spreading the love around their North Odessa neighborhood with chalk. 

They picked a popular sidewalk in their neighborhood to decorate with inspiring and encouraging messages. 

"We saw it on social media and thought it would be a great thing to do in our neighborhood and town so I shared it on my personal Facebook page and my neighborhood page and tried to encourage people to come out and write messages or draw pictures," said Kristi Thompson. 

With schools and activities canceled it gives children a chance to get out of their house. 

"It was already fun getting out of the house and then when I got there it was kind of difficult to know what to do but then I just started drawing," said Landon Thompson. 

Kristi said these messages are a reminder for neighbors that they have people to lean on when times get tough.

"The kids are not going to school, not going to activities, they're not playing together, so they miss their friends. They've got Playstations and iPads or whatever but they want to see their friends and they can write messages to their friends and read them or just write messages to strangers," said Thompson. 

The pair said it would be "amazing" to see the trend catch on in other neighborhoods around Midland and Odessa. 


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