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National Night Out celebrated in West Texas

National Night Out gives neighbors a chance to get to know each other and first responders.

ODESSA, Texas — There's a lot going on in every neighborhood, apartment complex and home, which is why it's important to keep an eye and an ear out.

"Our purpose of National Night Out is to join the neighborhood watch program, it's to get to know your neighbors, build a trust with them so you can look out for them because as police officers we can't be everywhere at once," said Steve LeSueur with the Odessa Police Department.

These national nights out give neighbors a chance to get to know each other as well as first responders.

"In addition to getting to know your neighbors, you'll get to know your first responders, it'll be police, people from the fire department," said LeSueur.

First responders also provide tips and advice on how you can keep your neighborhood safe.

"There's so many different things you can do whether it's installing a surveillance camera, installing more lighting in your neighborhood, just lots of little things like that," said LeSueur.

If there is anything out of the ordinary that is concerning to your and your neighbors, call first responders.

"It's so important again to report all suspicious activity, so report suspicious persons, suspicious vehicles, suspicious activity in general. A lot of people think they're wasting our time but what they don't realize is that these types of calls they help lead to arrests and help to prevent other crimes from occurring," LeSueur said.

If you missed out on National Night Out, there's plenty of other ways to help out your community, like Neighborhood Watch.

For more information on the Neighborhood Watch program and to see when the next meeting will be held, you can visit the OPD website.

Midland PD also celebrated National Night Out on Oct. 4 by encouraging neighbors to plan block parties around the city.

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