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Breaking down the shelter in place in Odessa

What can stay open and what must close?

ODESSA, Texas — A shelter in place will go into effect Monday night in Odessa. Mayor David Turner detailed the order in a Facebook Live Sunday night.

The mayor says that as the fight against COVID-19 continues, he feels that it is vital to continue to tighten the restrictions on the citizens with the reluctance of doing so. 

"What we need to do is just imagine every person around you has it and protect yourself," he said. "Not everybody in this city is going to catch it but there will be people that catch it and go outside. This is just a way to take the declaration and moving up to the next step."

That next step means all non-essential businesses must close to the public. The shelter in place order goes into effect at 11:59 p.m. Monday night.

So what has to close and what can stay open?

Let's start with what must close.

Hair and nail salons, barber shop, tattoo parlor, piercing businesses, tanning salons, hair removal and waxing, gym facilities, fitness centers, massage business and food courts must close. 

Entertainment venues like game rooms, park and pavilions will close. The city skate park will close. Ratliff Ranch Golf links will be closed. 

Now what can stay open -- that's any business defined as "essential."

Restaurants for carryout, grocery stores, meat markets, any health care entity, all energy industry related business, all city offices and departments that keep operations up and going will stay open. However, city will send home non-critical employees. 

All transportation business will stay open. All nonprofit organization will remain open. News media will remain open. Gas stations will stay open. Banks can stay open. Pawn shops can stay open. Hardware and supply stores will remain open. Laundry service business can stay open (laundromats and dry cleaning business). Businesses that supply products needed for people to work from home can stay open. Home based care for seniors, adults, or children may continue to work. Professional services, such as legal or accounting services and insurance services.

The order allows real estate business. Services related to the marketing, sale, lease or value of real estate may continue. Lawn maintenance services can continue. Automotive dealerships will remain open. Hotel-motels are still open. 

Funeral services and weddings can still happen but social distancing must happen and no more than 10 people can be present. 

Childcare facilities can stay open. No more than 10 kids in a classroom or room at a time. 

"We as citizens of Odessa are choosing how it's going to hit our community. If you're sick and you're out at a store, you're putting all of your citizens in danger," Mayor Turner said. "It's not worth it to this community to get sick because somebody decided they were too important or they needed to get out because they were going stir crazy. We must stay at home."

You can read the full shelter in place order here:

The shelter in place will stay until the mayor and county judge decide it should end.

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