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How to avoid porch pirates this holiday season

More and more packages will be targeted when they are out in the open.

ODESSA, Texas — Porch pirates are expected to be back on the prowl this holiday season.

These thieves look out for packages that are left unattended on front doorsteps or porches and swipe them for themselves.

Just this month, Midland police have made 67 arrests on larceny charges.

Police have noted that these cases tend to uptick in the holiday season.

"It’s not uncommon during the holiday season to see an uptick in these types of thefts," Steve Lesueur of the Odessa Police Department said. "The bottom line is, whether it’s during the holiday season or all year around, be prepared."

LeSueur pointed out many different ways one can prevent their packages from being stolen.

“The best way to combat it is to make it a deterrent. Make some sort of a deterrent whether it’s a surveillance camera, lighting, just have a plan," LeSueur said. "Make arrangements with a close family member or friend to come pick it up. Don’t leave it sitting out on your front porch for extended periods of time.”

He also suggested having your package be delivered during the evening times when you may be at home.

Of course, if you see any suspicious people around your neighborhood scoping out a potential package to swipe, call the local authorities.

“So it’s important to report all suspicious activity, report suspicious vehicles and suspicious persons," LeSueur said. "Sometimes people think they’re wasting our time by reporting those calls but what they don’t realize is is that it’s those types of calls that help prevent crimes from occurring, including these packages.”

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