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Girl Scouts donate handmade blankets to Midland Animal Shelter

The Greenwood troop is also working to make scratch posts for the cats at the shelter.
Credit: City of Midland

MIDLAND, Texas — The Greenwood Girl Scouts are working to make sure our furry friends are staying warm and comfortable.

The troop donated some handmade blankets for the cats at the shelter.

"We greatly appreciate the Troop’s heartfelt compassion and all the time and hard work they invested into their donations for our sheltered animals," said a Midland Animal Shelter representative.

The blankets were cute and simple no-sew blankets featuring a variety of cute patterns like tie-dye and paw prints.

Both the shelter and the cats who received the cozy blankets appreciated the donations.

Credit: City of Midland

The Midland Animal Shelter and the Midland Humane Coalition accept blanket donations for the animals they take care of.

Often the blankets go with the animals when they are adopted as a way to keep the animals feeling safe in a new situation.

If you would like to learn how to make your own tie blanket, watch this video here.

To learn more about the Midland Humane Coalition and their blanket program, you can visit their website.

To learn more about the Midland Animal Shelter including how to adopt, you can visit the City of Midland website.

Additionally, the troupe is working to make some scratch posts for the cats to help keep them entertained while also giving them exercise and keeping their claws properly maintained.

Credit: City of Midland


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