After years of the Ector County Utility District's inability to meet state standards for healthy water, different ways to financially support a completely new water system has been a priority. 

“It’s gonna take over 47 million dollars to make this happen,” said Tommy Irvan, President of the Ector County Utility District.

Ector County Utility District will hold a Town Hall Meeting on May 16 to discuss its financial application with Texas Water Development Board for a $45,765,000 infrastructure loan to meet state water system improvement requirements. 

“We do have some issues in our system that needs to be fixed, we don’t have a choice,” said Irvan.

Ector County currently has areas that have low water volume and pressure that plays a large role in the unhealthy water.

“If your water doesn’t move through the pipeline fast enough, with new water coming in taking the place of old water, then you have what’s called bromides that will set in. Your chlorine parts per million will start getting so small bacteria will start forming and that’s not healthy,” said Irvan.

Major improvements will include a new pump station, transmission lines and elevated storage tanks

“We’re doing out here what we have to do. And one of these days I hope that somebody in the future says, I’m really happy what those folks did in 2018 and 2019, because it’s going to make it so the quality of our water in our existing system today, will be a lot better off,” said Irvan.

The master water plan is predicted to take over a year and a half to install.

“Our target is that October of 2022, we will run water through our system and start using it," said Irvan.