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Christmas memorial honors victims of violent crime

The tree is decorated with pictures and angel ornaments featuring the names of victims who lost their lives to violent crime.

MIDLAND, Texas — Christmas can be hard to celebrate when a loved one was taken too soon.

A Christmas memorial was set up at the Midland Centennial Library to honor those who lost their lives to violent crime.

The memorial consisted of a tree, decorated with ornaments honoring the victims. 

Each angel ornament featured a name of a victim on it. Names included Officer Nathan Heidelberg, who was killed back in March, and Leilah Hernandez, who was killed in the August mass shooting.

For one woman, the memorial lets people know they're not alone in their pain.

"I felt like there were more people like me hurting so it's kinda like reaching out to other people to know that you're not alone, we all work together and work hand in hand," said Lydia Frescaz, the founder of Survivors of Homicide.

Several people spoke at the memorial, including Midland County District Attorney Laura Nodolf and Midland County Chief Deputy Rory McKinney.

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