ODESSA, Texas — Churches all over the nation are changing the way they delivered their messages to their congregations while practicing social distancing. 

Many churches took their services online, but one Odessa church took their service to the parking lot. On Sunday, cars parked and the worshiping began. 

Pastor Dawn Weaks said even without being physically together, being able to look to your left and right and see your neighbor is comforting. 

"The point of this is to remind people that they are not alone, that we can connect with each other spiritually if not physically," said Weaks. 

Cars turned their radio dials to 100.5 F.M. and then the service started just like it would inside of the walls of the church. 

Around 45 cars attended the first drive-up service on March 22. 

Connection Christian Church plans to continue holding service this way for as long as they can and need to. 


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