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Big Spring Mayor takes to social media to propose upcoming event

Shannon Thomason took to Facebook on Saturday to express his opinion on the Executive Order passed down by Gov. Greg Abbott and propose an upcoming city event.
Credit: City of Big Spring

BIG SPRING, Texas — On Saturday, Big Spring Mayor Shannon Thomason, took to Facebook to express his stance on the Executive Order that was passed down by Gov. Greg Abbott.

Thomason, who did not agree with how the order was passed down, states how it would not change anything in Big Spring/Howard County.

The mayor went on to propose an event idea that he says he is working on for the community.

Mayor Thomason proposed that he wants to open up Heart of the City Plaza for live music.  

He expresses how the event will be free for everyone, but those who attend will be asked to practice social distancing and to wear face masks.

He also states how adult beverages will be served at the event and would be available from any bar that wishes to participate, with a delivery area being set up along with an order number for each bar.

He says that the event will run from 7 p.m. until midnight every Thursday through Saturday, with the event continuing until the bars reopened or maybe even beyond.

Mayor Thomason, states how he is planning for this event to take place on Thursday and asked for feedback from the community.