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Valérie Chaussonnet brings her vision to Arts Council of Midland

Stunning sculptures, wonderful watercolors, and more are on display right here in the Tall City.
Credit: https://valeriechaussonnet.com/

MIDLAND, Texas — From France to California and everything in between, Valérie Chaussonnet has seen it all and reflects those travels through her works.

In the beautifully illustrated biography, Chaussonnet shares the story of her relationship with art throughout the years in her personal biography.

"I feel that after simmering in the art caldron all of my 26 years of life and working with art and artifacts every day at the museum I finally had to make art," Chaussonnet writes.

Credit: KWES
A sculpture of Venice, Italy on display at the Arts Council of Midland: Valerie Chaussonnet Exhibition.

And make art is what she did.

Hundreds of paintings, sculptures, and drawings later, Chaussonet's art has been displayed all across Texas. Including right here in Midland.

Credit: KWES
Valérie Chaussonnet stands next to her sculptures on display at the Arts Council of Midland.

Though Chaussonet now has a busy life, she says she will never stop making art.

"I will never retire, I will make art till the day I die (that’s when I am 125. I can’t wait to see what kind of art we’ll be making in 2085)," Chaussonet writes. "When I make art I feel aligned with my purpose and deeply happy."

But not all of her works are so serious. Chaussonnet says she enjoys adding an element of comedy every now and then.

Her favorite traveling piece is her "self-portrait" made of PLAYMOBIL pieces.

Credit: KWES
A "self-portrait" of Valerie Chaussonnet on display at the Arts Council of Midland.

You can find the toy Valérie hanging around the sculptures welding pieces together, in a studio imagining her next piece, and even in the occasional hammock when Valérie takes a vacation.

Her works continue the Arts Council of Midland's ‘Visions: 2020.’

The display is available weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., January 31st to
April 5, at ACM headquarters, 1506 West Illinois Avenue.

If you'd like to learn more about Valérie's life and projects check out her website,  ValerieChaussonnet.com.