ODESSA, TX (KWES) - If you’ve ever wanted to share your love of “Game of Thrones” with your children but been worried about the adult content, the Permian Playhouse has the perfect alternative for you.

“Game of Tiaras” is a show put on by the Kaleidoscope Company, the teen theatre troupe of the Permian Playhouse. The play retells the classic story of “King Lear” in bloody “Game of Thrones” fashion with Disney Princesses as the main characters.

Balancing ruthlessness and royalty can be quite a trick, but the three main actors do an excellent job.

Rose Reed, who plays Cinderella, portrays the cut-throat princess with a wonderful ferocity. Her back and forth with her sisters, particularly Ellie, is engaging to watch.

Mary Herndon portrays Belle, the softest of the sisters. Her disinterest in the ruling parties plays nicely against the other princesses and adds a bit of relief from the constant intensity of the others.

Ellie the Snow Queen, portrayed by Kennedy Taylor, is desperate to prove that she can be a fierce ruler without a prince. Taylor has a great presence on stage and is very natural with her portrayal.

The show is full of Kaleidoscope members learning and growing their acting talents, and while the show has its rough moments it really shines when the ensemble is on stage together. Outside of the princesses other notable characters include the King and his servant. Both characters bring a special kind of hilarity to an already over-the-top show.

Additionally, the set is impressive, particularly the replica of the Iron Throne that sits on the center of the stage.

Overall, while the show has some flawed moments with its pacing, the teen theatre troupe does an excellent job with the material they are given. Director Kaylee Cerda clearly had a vision with this show and with such a great slew of actors and tech crew members, it is no wonder that the show provides a wonderful evening of laughs and parody.

The show runs weekends from April 5 to April 14. For more information or to purchase tickets you can click here.