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Basin Buzz: Take a step back in time at the Dinosaur Revolution exhibit

Children can learn about dinosaurs in an interactive space.

MIDLAND, Texas — A new dinosaur exhibit is open at the Centennial Library in Midland. It's called Dinosaur Revolution and it gives children the chance to sink their teeth into the creatures that once roamed the Earth over 50.6 million years ago.

The exhibit is about 1,500 square ft. and split to show you the dinosaurs that existed during the Triassic, Jurassic, and the Cretaceous Period. 

Children can become archaeologists themselves and fossil hunt, investigate bones, match dinosaurs, and even rock climb. There are also interactive activities like making dinosaur tracks and learning about flying using a mini zipline. Everything becomes a skill that helps children understand science.

"It teaches them about natural history and also about how animals have developed into smaller beings," said Midland County Public Libraries Head of Electronic Resources, Matthew Glaser. "They learn all about dinosaur fossils and how you can identify animals by their bones, anatomy and how they've been documented to live so you can take that information from dinosaurs and apply that to investigative skills."

So far, Dinosaur Revolution has been a huge hit for the kids, especially those who want to try to get that hands-on experience. Dinosaurs may be extinct from our planet, but they are alive in the minds of kids' imaginations.

Dinosaur Revolution will be up until May 6 at the Centennial Library. Admission is free.

This exhibit is sponsored by The Library Foundation, FMH foundation and Carnegie Circle. Without the foundation, exhibits like this wouldn't be in the Basin for the community to enjoy. It helps the library's funding and travel. If you're interested in learning more, visit the Midland County Public Libraries Facebook page here.

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