ODESSA, Texas — Emilio Mendez has been a barber at FadeCity Barbershop for 8 years and has continually given back to the community.

On June 10, Mendez and fellow barbers gave free haircuts, shaves and washes to homeless people in Odessa.

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When people in the community heard about Mendez's efforts, they quickly reached out to help. Barbers from multiple cities came to help, Mr. Gatti's donated pizzas and numerous people donated clothes.

"[It's] so much a blessing. I can't believe people just came bouncing off the streets like this," said Toby Nelson, one of the people who received a free haircut.

"They came and found us off the street and said, 'Hey come here, let me give y'all a haircut, give y'all some free food.' Straight Jesus, man. It's the heart, It's the lord. It is what it is."

Mendez says he eventually hopes to do the same thing in Midland.