MIDLAND, Texas — Chris Tabor has organized the law enforcement and first responders appreciation dinner for the third year in a row.

The event aims to make sure local heroes know how much their work means to the community, and support only continues to grow.

"We want to bring some recognition to the fact that they're under appreciated. The tremendous sacrifice that these officers make, by choice, along with first responders needs to be recognized more," said Tabor.

"We're trying to bring the oil and gas community together to unite and celebrate the efforts of these guys and the tremendous sacrifices they make for this community."

The dinner will honor 35 first responders, but this year's event will be particularly special. The late Sheriff Gary Painter will be honored, and his closest comrades will celebrate the service he gave to the community.

Students from an elementary school in Midland also wrote letters to thank officers for their hard work and some of the students will be speaking at the dinner.

"They're very much from the heart, they're pure they're very innocent and I think that's the reason that these officers are going to have a big kick out of this," said Tabor.

"We thought it would be a real treat for them to see the kids. Giving them a reminder of exactly why they do what they do... they do it for the kids, they do it for the community, they do it for our safety."

Tabor also said he is grateful for the show of support for the officers who keep the area safe.