By: Zora AsberryNewsWest 9

PECOS COUNTY - A new alert system is coming to Pecos County, it's called "CodeRED." The idea came about after the amount of severe weather the city had recently received. CodeRED gives law enforcement and first responders real-time alerts during emergencies like severe weather or when searching for a missing person.

Chris Alexander, Mayor of Ft. Stockton, said, "It's an early warning system, that they (residents) can sign up for and get a text, they can get a phone call or they can get an email. However they want it presented to them, we can let them know what's going on."

Mayor Alexander says that using CodeRED will be a more efficient way of informing the community than their current way of doing things. 

"You couldn't get information. There was no information coming forward short of the Chief and the Sheriff's Department putting on Facebook what was going on so we're going to fix that problem," said Alexander. 

Pecos County isn't the only area that will benefit from CodeRED. The system is also going to reach out to residents in Coyonosa, Imperial, Iraan and Sheffield. In these areas, CodeRED will used for more than just weather alerts.

Chief of Police, Arturo Fuentes, said, "We can also utilize it to select parts of the town to send it out if we have a missing child, if there's a gas leak, if there's a water leak, because we want people to stay away from a certain part of town."

Fuentes says that CodeRED can be even be used during a power outage.