City of Odessa Pulling Out All the Stops For a Bright Christmas
by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA--This year promises to be a sight to see.  Park employees were out on Wednesday, putting the finishing touches to Heritage Holiday's Starbright Village.

Odessa Parks and Recreation Director Steve Patton is really excited about this year's Starbright Village, "The master plan design that we've done for Starbright Village, consists of 17 new displays.  It's over 300,000 lights that we've added, that we have as a total now.  It's really a treat and really spectacular when everything is turned on and every thing is moving.  A lot of activity, it's going to be a beautiful asset to the Christmas scenes this year."

Supervisor Gabriel Holguin says his crews have been working for weeks, putting in more than 1,000 man hours, to make sure everything goes off without a hitch, "We've had a crew of approximately 30 people, from the beginning, and we're kind of tapering off here, towards the end."

Patton says two displays should be real attention grabbers, a 47 foot tall trumpet and the toy factory, "Stars blinking and a lot of continuous motion in the lights themselves in the trumpet.  In the toy factory, you can actually see teddy bears going across this way, balls are going across the bottom this way, thermometers are going this way, wheels are turning, elves are waving, smoke is coming out of the top."

But, Cpl. Gabriel Hernandez reminds you, don't forget to be careful while you're having fun, "We ask everyone with children, to hang on to their children, load them up, just be ready, look out for the officers that are directing traffic and if you have anybody to pick up, make arrangements."

With this year's display about to be lit up, Patton is making plans for later on, "We might be adding a few new displays in the future, but right now, we don't have any more electricity."