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City of Midland doubles down on spaceport

The Midland City Council took action to renew the license for a spaceport on September 25.

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Midland City Council took action to renew the license for a spaceport September 25.

In a 6 to 1 vote, a majority of the council approved an agreement with SilverWing Enterprises for services to extend the spaceport's license for 5 years.

The agreement is for $100,000 for license services, and up to another $80,000 for business support.

Councilman J.Ross Lacy says while the spaceport has endured several hardships since its establishment it's not time to walk away.

"If you looked at the renewed investment of the National Space Council that President Trump has moved forward with and the additional funding that we're seeing be put in place, this is an exciting opportunity and to stop after 4 years would be irresponsible," said Lacy.

The sole councilman to vote against the agreement was Spencer Robnett.

He says after the two failed dealings with the spaceport's previous tenants XCor and Orbital Outfitters, he doesn't believe Aerospace is the right direction for the diversification of Midland's economy.

"When you look at a decision especially an economic development decision those tax dollars are precious and they should be used prudently and in the best way for the taxpayers, and when the spaceport conversation started in 2010 or maybe even earlier, Midland was looking to diversify and we should still diversify but I just don't think the city should try and diversify with longshot aerospace investments," said Robnett.

Though the rest of the council appeared to disagree.