MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - There is a new addition in Southside Midland, a bridge located near the Martin Luther King Jr. community center.

The bridge was named after Terry Lynn Sims who helped several people that could have drowned in a draw nearby in 2015.

Ten days after her selfless act of kindness, Sims suffered a heart attack while on a vacation with her husband.

City of Midland dedicates bridge to memory of Terry Lynn Williams Sims

“She was that type of person that would try and help anybody and then proofed it and we are here to make sure that. That carries on to my own son and my own other children,” Larry Sims said.

Larry also says he appreciates all the love and support that he has received from councilmen John Love III, City of Midland, and Midland Development Corporation.

“Most people do not think there is impact, but it starts with communication with your councilmen, starts with the city. I mean it's just a combination of things. You know recognizing there is a problem and then doing something about it, he did that we all worked together and did that,” Sims said.

Now the people of Midland will have a reminder of her selfless act.

“Her deeds did not go unnoticed,” said Sims.