MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The owners of Bully Beds in Midland say they’re going to move out of town after their request for a specific use kennel permit was denied by city council on January 8.

The organization’s request for the permit was a move to try and get into compliance with the city.

At the hearing, several city council members probed the organization with numerous questions regarding their record keeping, maintenance, and effectiveness.

At the end of the nearly hour-long hearing, Councilman Scott Dufford proposed an amendment that would give Bully Beds 90 days to get into full compliance or relocate, and to pass the amendment needed a super-majority due to the number of objection letters the city had received.

The amendment was rejected by a count of 4 to 3, falling one vote short.

The council members who would not lend their support to the organization were John Love III, Spencer Robnett, and Sharla Hotchkiss.

“The contributing factor was in which the time city council has given to the organization to get into compliance which they have failed to do today, other than that I really question if the organization has the resources to care for these dogs,” said Robnett

Amy Adams, the founder of Bully Beds, says her and her husband Greg Clark are currently caring for 43 dogs on their property off Carter Avenue.

The property the couple owns has 37 large fenced in kennels for the animals they care for, nearby property owners who spoke in opposition of the rescue cited complaints that the animals make too much noise and cause a powerful smell which lowers property value.

Though, NewsWest 9 also spoke with several adjacent property owners that refuted those claims and called the animals at Bully Beds pleasant neighbors.

The owners of Bully Beds have already listed their property for sale.

According to officials, Bully Beds has until the beginning of February to relocate or reduce their number of dogs to 8, or face fines of up to 500$/day.

Meanwhile, Greg and Amy say they plan to move to somewhere that will accept them, their dogs, and their cause.