Staff Report

JOHNSON COUNTY (KWWL) - A Johnson County deputy and a reserve deputy were handing over a crash investigation to an Iowa state trooper Friday when they were nearly killed.

They were standing outside the trooper's car when a car came flying past, hitting the trooper's vehicle but just missing deputies standing there.

"Grabbing a license, I was coming back, I heard the crash, I heard the squealing tires, and all I could do was yell for Deputy Hammes to run," said Reserve Deputy Kim Pearson with the Johnson County Sheriff's Office.

Pearson and Deputy Aaron Hammes say watching the video reminds them of the everyday dangers of the job.

"It reminds me of one of the obvious potential hazards for working on the sides of the interstate," said Hammes.

Another deputy was in her car, just behind the others.

"I heard the squealing of the tires and then the impact and then I saw the utility truck kind of rock and then it went off the road," said Deputy Libby Vriezelaar. "I didn't even know at that point that it had struck the patrol vehicle and that they were even at the doors. I just knew that they were over there and I thought the worst."

Amazingly, the deputies were not injured. The trooper inside the car, though he did go to the hospital for a check-up, is OK.

This whole situation happened, officials say, because a semi driver didn't slow down approaching the crash scene, hitting the pick-up in front of it and sending that vehicle flying.

The deputies hope drivers learn from the situation.

"Move over and slow down," said Hammes. "If somebody sees a motorist or emergency vehicles or red and blue or yellow lights on a road sign."